Sunrise and Sam Mac at Beauty Point Retirement Resort

Here’s what Australia discovered when the Sunrise team met our iconic RYW team and community villagers at Beauty Point Retirement Resort…

Lyn loves Victoria Lodge

I wanted it badly and I knew what I wanted. I wanted something more compact and easy to live with. And have people around me. And that's what I got.

Sue went across the bridge

I fell in love with here and if I am in doubt I look at the river and its beautiful and I have absolutely no regrets. You don't ever feel lonely. We take good care of each other and we have a lot of fun. The best in life.

Jan thinks it's fantastic

Jan has lived in the local area for 50+ years and fell in love with the atmosphere at Beauty Point... it is endless with the things we can do here. I think its fantastic.

Gerry getting the best treatment

HomeCare Your Way is a service into your home... to keep people in their own homes for longer... cleaning of the house, changing the sheets... and I know my house is clean which is lovely... I'm really getting the best treatment.