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PHYSIOTHERAPY – EQUILIBRIUM PHYSIO Our Equilibrium Physio service is designed to improve lives by providing convenient access to effective, professional physiotherapy

Equilibrium Physio Services

Our Equilibrium Physio service is designed to improve lives by providing convenient access to effective, professional physiotherapy treatment at the lowest price.

Affordable, specialised and close to home – Our physio clinic is affordable for seniors, and our physiotherapists are specialised in providing treatment for older adults including rehabilitation, strengthening, falls prevention and treatment of chronic injuries. Our physio clinic in Padstow Heights is close to home, making travel to physio appointments less stressful.

No waiting list – Call up on the day of the clinic and you will usually be able to receive an appointment on the same day.

Medicare and DVA claiming – With an eligible GP referral, you may receive up to 5 physiotherapy treatments per year bulk-billed by Medicare, or ongoing services if you are a DVA card holder.

Health fund rebates for all major health funds – HCF, NIB, BUPA, AHM, Medibank Private, Australian Unity, CBHS, GU Health, GMHBA, Teachers, HBF and Defence.

Effective treatment – physiotherapy treatment is evidence based and the treatment you receive is individualised to effectively treat your particular issue. Treatments include strengthening exercises, application of kinesio or strapping tape, use of compression to manage swelling, theraband exercises, application of cold or hot pack, TENS machine or spinal mobilisations.

Professional service – Andrew graduated in 2010 from University of Sydney. Since then has developed a passion for treating and managing musculoskeletal conditions. Andrew is devoted to finding the root of the problem and treating each patient with a holistic approach for a long lasting and effective treatment.

How long will it take?
1. Your appointment time slot is designated just for you, and will take between 30-45 minutes.
2. On your first appointment, we will spend the first 10-15 minutes taking a detailed history of your injury. This ensures treatment is tailored specifically for you.

3. Treatment will start with education of cause of your injury and advice on management. This is vital so that you can play an important, active role in recovery.
4. Hands-on therapy is important for understanding your body and your response to treatment. Treatment will generally involve comfortable stretching movements or gentle massage to the affected area to assist with relaxation of muscles and improved movement.
5. You will be given an exercise program or reminders on how to manage your injury. This will be written down for you to help you remember, including illustrations of the exercises.

Payment and follow-up
6. Payment is designed to be as simple as possible – if you are claiming through Medicare or DVA then there is no gap and the payment will be processed for you, all you need is your GP referral. If you are using a private health fund, you can swipe your card at time of payment to claim an immediate rebate, and then pay the remainder via card or cash. If you would like an invoice to be sent to someone else via email, this can also be arranged.
7. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled for 1-2 week’s time depending on your needs. Our aim is to have you pain-free as soon as possible so that you won’t need to come back and can spread the word of your effective treatment to others.

Onsite individual physiotherapy treatment for residents

GP Referral for Medicare-funded Physiotherapy Treatment

If you would like to claim the cost of your physio appointment through Medicare please speak to your GP about a referral through the ‘Extended Primary Care’ (EPC) or ‘Chronic Disease Management’ (CDM) Program. This program allows a patient to claim up to 5 allied health treatment sessions per calendar year.

Physiotherapist details (required for referral)
Physiotherapist: Andrew To
Provider Number:
Practice Address: 1/45 Montgomery St, Kogarah, NSW 2217

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