Pharmacy Services

PHARMACY SERVICES Free Pharmacy Delivery Access to a pharmacy is now so much easier with free deliveries to Beauty Point residents.

Free Pharmacy Delivery

Access to a pharmacy is now so much easier with free deliveries to Beauty Point residents. The delivery service brings ease and convenience to managing your prescription medicines as well as accessing products. We can pick up scripts from your door and deliver the medication in most cases on the following day. It’s even quicker if your scripts are on file and you simply need a repeat to be delivered.

Benefits of pharmacy services

Free delivery service: If you can’t get in to the pharmacy yourself, we can have your prescriptions delivered to your door by one of our friendly staff.

Prescription management service: Leave your prescriptions on file at the pharmacy and give us a call when you’d like them to be dispensed. You can then pick them up or have them delivered to your home. We also keep a record for your tax purposes.

Free script reminders: Don’t get caught short. You can register for FREE reminders when your next script is due, and you can call in to pick it up or have it delivered without having to wait to have it dispensed.

Discount prescriptions: The price match guarantee means if you find a cheaper price on an identical stocked item, we’ll match it.

Personalised medication packaging: If you use medicines regularly it can be hard to remember if you have taken them, or accidentally take the wrong ones. Dose Administration Aids are packs that store your medications in individual doses arranged according to your dose schedule throughout the day. Our friendly staff can advise which medications are suitable and if a DAA is suitable for you.

Personalised MedsCheck Program: If you are taking 5 or more medications, you may qualify for a FREE MedsCheck. It is a 30 minute consultation with a Pharmacist who will give you a comprehensive list of your medication. The program will help you understand your medications, and ensure you are using and storing them correctly.

Patient medication profile: A PMP is a written summary of all your regular medications, including over the counter and complementary medications. The benefits include better management of your meds, reducing the changes of side effects, all the members of your health care team are aware of everything you are taking, including over the counter medications.

Medicine disposal: We will arrange for safe disposal of unused or unwanted medicines at no cost to you, ensuring you don’t accidentally take out of date medication or ones that are no longer required.

Diabetes management: It is important if you have diabetes that you are taking care of yourself properly. In store Forest Mall has a Diabetes Hub, which offers professional advice on all diabetic needs and care to ensure the best outcome for your health.

Clinical intervention: A professional activity by the pharmacist who can detect, resolve and document drug-related problems during the course of prescription-related activities. This service is directed towards improving the quality use of your medications

Impromy weight management program: Trained staff can support you with your weight loss and related health goals with this unique health and weight management program. The program, clinically tested by the CSIRO involves point of care testing to assess weight and risk factors, and combines the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet and meal replacements.

Selfcare fact cards: These cards are available on over 100 different topics and contain information about how you can take care of yourself and enjoy a healthier, longer life; and they provide contacts for self-help organisations for specialist support.

Sleep apnoea: Highly trained Best Care Best Price Pharmacy professionals have extensive knowledge and expertise to create an individual action plan specifically designed for you, and to help you select the best machine and most suitable mask for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The pharmacy is able to provide a more personalised service if you keep your prescriptions on their records so they have everything on hand to supply your medication and deliver it to you at home.

The delivery service is free of charge, however you do pay for the cost of your medications.

Simply give FMPC a call on 02 9587 1942 and the friendly staff will organise what’s needed to deliver your medications.

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