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Buy your fresh fruit and vegies every Wednesday at Beauty Point Resort!

Posted on May 30, 2019

There’s no need to go shopping for your fresh fruit and vegies anymore because now you can buy them from the fruit and vegie market right here on your doorstep at Beauty Point Retirement Resort. Every Wednesday from 9am to 12.30pm you can pick and choose from the freshest fruit and vegies available on the veranda just outside the pool.

As well as being very convenient for all the Beauty Point residents and staff – the quality and freshness of the produce is superb. Marietta Dominella supplies the fruit and vegies and she’s able to supply this fresh produce because she goes to the markets every day and buys the best produce she can find.

Because Marietta has been buying at the markets for a long time, she knows the vendors well and she knows where to get the freshest, best quality produce, while still getting a good price. Her fruit and vegies are also much fresher because she gets them to you quicker, cutting out the middle man.

As she says: “I buy the fruit and vegies fresh every day so they’re not sitting in cold storage. With the big supermarkets, they can sometimes have fruit and vegies sitting around in cold storage for a week before they get it out onto their shelves. But we’re able to get our produce to you a lot quicker so it’s a lot fresher.”

Fresh produce will last much longer in your kitchen

As Marietta explains: “I buy fresh – I go to the market at 3am every morning and I buy the best I can get. I know what it’s like to enjoy fresh fruit and vegies so I’m passing this on to more people. The idea with fruit and vegies is to eat them fresh because this is when they taste the best.”

Marietta’s fruit and vegies certainly looks a lot fresher and she tells us her customers always tell her they last a lot longer. “We’re bringing the market to you so you’re getting it quicker,” she adds.

Because she grew up on a farm in Glenorie, Marietta says she’s always wanted to run her own business and she’s been running her fruit and vegie markets for nearly eight years now. She loves the lifestyle and says she enjoys her work, talking with customers and getting this great produce out to more people.

“The management and all the staff and the residents here have been very supportive,” she says. “Just wait until it gets hotter and all the stone fruits will come in. We’ll have some great specials and we’ll be able to keep the quality but keep the prices reasonable at the same time.”

The fresh fruit and vegies market at Beauty Point Retirement Resort is open every Wednesday from 9am to 12.30pm on the veranda near the pool. If you need any more information, call Sianee or Mary at the front desk on (02) 8708 4700.