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Buyers Find the OASIS Peakhurst Ticks All the Boxes

Posted on December 11, 2020

Buyers Find The OASIS Peakhurst Ticks All the Boxes

Construction has started on The OASIS Peakhurst retirement apartments and many people are finding the plans show it has everything they need. That’s how Steel Nounnis and his wife, Connie, felt when saw the plans for The OASIS Peakhurst apartments after looking around for quite a while at other places where they could retire.

Steel says many of the places he saw were “too small for us.” But when he looked at the plans for The OASIS Peakhurst, he thought they looked good: “Connie likes the larger kitchen – instead of a villa home or something like that because they’re often pretty small. And some of the other places I’ve seen don’t have the facilities The OASIS Peakhurst has – and the conveniences.”

It is very important for Steel that he and Connie could move to a place which is close to their current home. As Steel says: “You see, we’ve been living in the same house in Beverley Hills for 52 years – which is very close to Peakhurst - and we don’t want to move out of the area because we’ve got our doctors and all our friends close by us.”

“I’ve got a few health problems,” he adds, “and I want to be sure that I’ll be looked after if I need it. So, I want to stay in the same area and be sure I’m close to everything.”

The OASIS Peakhurst has a range of services including 24-hour care

Steel says the fact that The OASIS Peakhurst provides a full range of services including 24-hour care was a major factor in their decision to purchase an apartment at the Oasis. He says the fact they provide 24-hour care service gives him peace of mind.

“There’s a nurse there on duty 24/7,” he adds. “The way I look at it is instead of buying a unit or something like that where you’re on your own and if something happens you’ve got to make your own arrangements - if you’re at The OASIS Peakhurst, someone will be able to help you with all that if anything was to happen.”

Steel says when he was looking at apartments at The OASIS Peakhurst, he asked them what would happen if he had to go to a nursing home at some stage and they said he wouldn’t need to because they look after everyone there anyway. “Those are the sort of things which have made us feel The OASIS Peakhurst is the right place for us – it’s all a big help for us,” Steel adds.

How does buying Off the Plan work?

Before Connie and Steel placed their deposit on an apartment at The OASIS Peakhurst, they spoke with Lisa Papahristos and Laura Hudson at length about how buying off-the-plan works. They were assured by Lisa and Laura that their deposit is fully refundable and if something were to happen and they had to change their plans, they could.

“My wife, Connie, was a little bit reluctant at first because she didn’t know how the building was going to finish up. From the plans - it’s a bit hard to tell sometimes! I can envision it but she can’t as easily. But the good thing is, we’ve got plenty of time. When the Oasis is built, then Connie will make up her mind completely,” he adds.

“The other thing is you’re locking in what you want now and, in a year-and-a-half’s time, when it’s all finished, at least you know what you’re up for. It gives you plenty of time to sell your house before you have to move in,” he adds.

Buying off-the-plan can also be beneficial for buyers because they buy at today’s price and with Sydney’s real estate market usually on the up and up, they can lock in today’s pricing and continue to see the equity in their investment rise.

Recent luncheon gives buyers a chance to ask questions

There was a luncheon held recently for buyers and those interested in buying apartments at The OASIS Peakhurst. It was a great chance for all the depositors so far to meet, get to know each other and to ask questions. The luncheon was held at Beauty Point Retirement Resort and everyone was given an update on how the building is going and the milestones coming up in the construction over the next one-and-a-half years. As well, it was a chance to have a lovely relaxed afternoon and talk with new friends.

Steel says being able to meet the other buyers put Connie at her ease “… because they all have the same concerns as us.”

“When we talked with them, they all have health problems and they all want to stay in the area close by, where there’s health support and all that. So it was good to know that other people are feeling the same way as we are,” says Steel.

“The great thing about The OASIS Peakhurst is – it’s not even five minutes from my house! We know the area pretty well – all of our doctors are in the area – and the hospitals. Many of us spend half our lives in hospital!” he laughs.

Are you keen to be involved in village life?

When asked if he’s keen to be involved in retirement village life, Steel says: “We haven’t tried anything like this before. As I said, we’ve had 52 years in the same house here. We moved in just after we were married, more or less. We’ve been married for 55 years so it’s a big move. But I’m thinking of the future in case something happens to me - I want Connie to be able to stay there with her friends. The village life would suit her – she’ll make friends before that day.”

Steel adds he’s looking forward to village life because everything is available right there and that means, if he doesn’t want to go out he can just “…potter around and do a bit of gym work or go for a swim. There’s also a bus service to take you to the shopping centre so, it sounds pretty good to me.”

Buying off-the-plan gives you time to start the downsizing process

As we’ve mentioned, one of the good factors about buying off-the-plan is it gives you some time to get everything sorted out in your home before you move in. You can often be downsizing from a large house with say four bedrooms to a two-bedroom apartment. As Steel says about this: “I didn’t want to sell my house and then look for something because you might not find what you want. Or find something that you want and then you can’t sell your house. You’d be in trouble either way!”

As well, downsizing means there’s far less maintenance to do. For many retirees, it’s difficult to keep up with all the maintenance required in a family-sized home. As Steel says: “Our house is our family home but it’s too much to look after now. I can’t do a lot of heavy work any more so an apartment is more ideal.”

“I’ve picked an apartment on the third floor at the front and it has a balcony. I’ve got no adjoining walls or anything - there’s a hall between me and the next unit which is what I wanted. I picked what I wanted and everybody else can have the rest!” he laughs.

“I’m looking forward to our move now that they’ve started building. We put our deposit down back in May of this year and now that they’ve started building, I can see it’s all happening and that’s great,” Steel adds.

Apartments at The OASIS Peakhurst – selling fast off the plan

Now that construction has started at The OASIS Peakhurst, apartments are selling fast off-the-plan. The benefit for customers so far has been they now have 18 months to get their own house in order for selling. With the Sydney real estate market stable now and rising, it’s a good time to buy in on one of the apartments.

If you’re interested in talking to someone about The OASIS Peakhurst, call Lisa Papahristos or Laura Hudson on (02) 8708 4700 and they can make a time to have a chat with you.