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Keeping entertained with Podcasts.

Posted on August 31, 2020

Jigsaws, knitting, Sudoku, crosswords, reading books, art and craft, playing music, gardening, yoga and cooking… these are all great activities; however, you already know about them and are probably tired of being told about them. But have you tried podcasts - short for iPod and broadcast? If you are wondering what one is… don’t worry.

Simply put - if you can think of a topic or Google it, you can probably find a podcast on it. Think of it as all your favourite shows, comedies, topics, interests, news, basically your very own radio show all wrapped up in one location, essentially a hub where you can access them audibly whenever and wherever you want. Like catch-up TV, however with audio files. You can access podcasts via a computer using your browser, via your iPhone and iPad by using the Apple podcasts app, or via an Android phone.

Podcasts can open the door to new ideas, topics, entertainment, and the world. All you need to do is sit back and listen or take it with you and listen whilst you are on the Beauty Point bus, waiting for you next appointment at the Beauty Point hair and beauty salon, or whilst you are doing a jigsaw puzzle – podcasts are the new ‘enjoyable’ multitasking.