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The important things in life are clear as day here at Beauty Point.

Posted on July 31, 2020

During the current environment and the changing restrictions, we realised that being able to be close to and interacting with people is important. Human connection, it is the one core human need we have all grown up with yet, it’s the one fact of life we haven’t paid a lot of attention to. At the height of ‘quarantining’, it was senior Australians who felt that more acutely. Not only were people not able to get out to socialise and some were reducing their home care supports, but families and friends were making fewer visits as well.

At Beauty Point Retirement Resort this reality was different. Our residents still maintained an enviable lifestyle living within a close-knit community they were able to keep the appropriate social distance, keep safe, and still be in contact with family, friends and neighbours daily as well as receive onsite support.

“The spectacular vistas perched above the Georges River and the gum trees of the neighbouring Beauty Point Reserve and Padstow Heights Reserve Park always have our visiting friends and family raving.” However, “If there’s one resort feature that brings everyone together, it’s our lovely restaurant and marvellous Chef, Peter.” Village Manager Lisa Papahristos exclaims.

Peter’s lunch and dinner menus are enjoyed by Beauty Point’s village community on a daily basis and, when you add the Beauty Point bar and professional baristas, residents and visiting family guests this creates a real community hub.

“This is why our residents are so happy here, “Lisa enthuses. “Everyone chats with their neighbours. Our staff check in with them by phone, too. There is no need to worry about maintenance with an on-site team for any fix-it jobs and chores in your Beauty Point unit.

Human connection has always been a big focus at Beauty Point. It’s even bigger now!”