Keeping your independence

Keeping your independence!

Posted on April 05, 2019

Not surprisingly, independence is key to a happy, healthy retirement. And a retirement at Beauty Point not only means keeping your independence, it actually means improving your independence and keeping it for longer.

As a resident at Beauty Point, you buy your own apartment, as you would any other home, so you’re in charge of what you do. You can come and go as you please, and family and friends can come and stay.

An apartment at Beauty Point also means you are no longer a slave to the large family home and yard. In fact, many residents moved for just that reason: home and yard maintenance was eating into their retirement time.

“I couldn’t cope with maintaining the yard anymore,” Beauty Point resident June Kirsten says. “Now, I can relax instead of spending time on maintenance.”

To complement this, Beauty Point offers the right services at the right time, to keep you fit, healthy and happy.

But while our services to enhance independence are extensive, they are only offered if our residents want them, so you are in charge of your own life and the way you live it.

“We are not a typical retirement village. We are a selfcare village that also has a high level of health care services,” Manager of Beauty Point, Lisa Papahristos, says. “We are aware that we have a village full of adults who want to make their own decisions and be treated like adults. Our job is to make sure that continues by offering the right services at the right time.”

Gardening at Beauty Point Retirement Village“Our residents decide what they want to do and where they want to go. The health care services we provide help them achieve this, and mean residents can be far more independent than they would be on their own,” Lisa says.

You have your own garage or carport adjacent to your apartment. But if you no longer choose to drive, we offer a number of transport options to get you out and about.

Our bus is totally free to use anytime, and our chauffeured limousine is half the price of a regular taxi and will take you anywhere you wish to go, door to door. It’s all about choice.

We also offer all the health services you need, at your doorstep. Keeping up your health is key to retaining mobility and independence. But we all know, when we feel sick, the last thing we want to do is go to the doctor or a chemist.

But at Beauty Point, we bring the health care to you. We have an onsite registered nurse who can deal with all your day-to-day health problems, plus an on-site doctor’s surgery, a free twice-daily pharmacy delivery service and visiting specialists. We can also analyse your medications, organise referrals and scripts and we even have an on-site, 24 hour a day emergency service.

All this ensures our retirees are fit, healthy and happy.

Residents, family and friends can enjoy the Beauty Point Retirement Village indoor poolIdeally, we all want to age in the comfort of our own homes. Beauty Point’s unique ‘apartments for life’ help ensure this happens. The apartments are all on one level and all are easily accessible. As our retirees age, the apartments can be adjusted to suit their needs, so you can stay in your own apartment for life.

So, let Beauty Point make your retirement a happy, healthy and independent one, so you can just enjoy life!