Mark Barron Hero Shot

Mark Barron returns as head chef at Beauty Point Restaurant!

Posted on April 05, 2019

The Beauty Point Retirement Resort is happy to announce that Mark Barron has returned as the head chef for the Beauty Point Bar & Grill Family Restaurant.

Mark’s already back cooking the hearty home cooked meals everyone loves. He used to work at the resort five years ago and says he’s glad to be back.

“I missed working here after getting to know many of the residents and staff,” he said. “I tend to know what they like. They want their hearty home cooked meals like corned beef and cabbage – and other meals like that.”

Mark started out as an apprentice chef for Ansett and worked for them for 15 years. He then worked as a chef at the Mercantile Hotel in the Rocks for 12 years until around 2011, he came to work at Beauty Point Bar & Grill Family Restaurant. After being here for some time he moved on to work as a private caterer.

But now he’s back at Beauty Point seven days a week, which means he’s very busy but his wife, Lorraine, is helping him as well as his assistant so the work load doesn’t get too much.

Beauty Point Bar & Grill Family Restaurant reviews

The Beauty Point Bar & Grill Family Restaurant has lots of customers from the resort but people also come from the local area. We spoke to two Beauty Point Resort residents and asked them why they enjoy going to the restaurant and here’s what they had to say.

Maree Jones and her husband, John, have been residents of the Beauty Point resort for six and a half years now. They enjoy dining at the restaurant a great deal. As Maree said: “We’re very happy to see Mark back. We do enjoy going to the restaurant immensely. We sometimes go three or four times a week, particularly if family or friends are visiting. Everyone enjoys the lovely dining room and that beautiful view – it all adds to the pleasure.”

“We have a roast dinner on Sunday and it’s very enjoyable. It’s such reasonable pricing because you get a bread roll along with your meal, a glass of wine, plus a dessert and coffee – and it’s all for $18!” she added.

“We love the desserts like bread and butter pudding and apple strudel. It’s all particularly enjoyable in the winter months,” Maree said.

Judy Parkins has been living at the Beauty Point resort for over a year now and she said: “The restaurant provides a wonderful service and the servings are generous. There’s a Sunday roast and for what you get, it’s a very reasonable price!”

“As well as the food being well cooked, the presentation’s wonderful. The winter menu is full of great meals like Irish stew, corned beef cabbage and mash and Chicken Parmigiana. If sometimes you don’t feel like going to the restaurant, they’ll deliver it for you,” Judy added.

Judy said recently, she asked Mark if he could do a high tea for her as she wanted to have a few people over to celebrate her retirement. Mark said yes and Judy says he and his staff really went out of their way. The end result was, according to Judy, “Magnificent!”

“Mark had all these beautiful cups and plates and tiers of scones, plus these amazing individual desserts. The service was wonderful and we had the choice of about 15 different types of teas. In the end, we had over 50 people there and it worked really well. I think Mark can really cater for any occasion,” she added.

The Beauty Point Bar & Grill Family Restaurant is open for lunch from 11.30am to 2.30pm and for dinner from 5.30pm to 8.00pm. Call on 02 8708 4713 for bookings or just drop in.