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Plan your next holiday with Michelle Schulze - your personal travel manager!

Posted on June 26, 2019

Michelle is a mobile travel consultant who is licenced with TravelManagers, Australia’s largest network of more than 500 home-based travel experts. Because she’s a part of this larger network, she has access to some amazing travel deals and special offers including travel insurance discounts.

Michelle Schulze visits Beauty Point Retirement Resort on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

TravelManagers is one of the few travel providers that is an AFTA (Australian Federation of Travel Agents) member and are also accredited by IATA (International Airline Transport Association) and as Michelle tells us, this means they have met strict financial criteria, customer service, training, ethics, business practices and professionalism.

“In addition TravelManagers has its own ‘Trust Account Fidelity Risk Insurance’ so we can provide peace of mind because you know your money is secure throughout the booking process,” Michelle adds. “When you book with TravelManagers you can relax before your holiday even starts knowing that your hard earned money is safe.”

“Our industry has been de-regulated but this means customers need to take some caution. We can provide you with peace of mind because you know your money is secure throughout the booking process,” she adds.

Talk with Michelle when she visits each fortnight on Wednesdays

Michelle visits Beauty Point Retirement Resort on the first and third Wednesday of the month between 11am and 1pm and during this time, she meets with individuals who’d like to book their own personal or group holiday. She likes to have a discussion with the people to ascertain exactly what they are looking for out of their unique holiday.

“We can organise a trip which includes including friends or family who don’t live here at the resort – it doesn’t matter because we’re flexible. We’ve booked lady’s only tours and all sorts of holidays and cruises, because it’s all about what people want,” she says.

Making your next trip seamless from beginning to end

Michelle likes to help with all the loose ends that can often make organising a holiday difficult. So to make your next trip seamless with everything organised from beginning to end, all you need to do is talk with Michelle: “I like to do everything to help people plan their trip including travel insurance because this protects the client from unexpected delays, disruptions or cancellations. Because of our size, we have access to exclusive deals that other smaller agents may not be able to access and this includes insurance offers.”

“I also make sure I’m contactable 24/7 when people are away on a trip I’ve organised. They can ring me at any time if anything happens and I can help them with any situation. When we’re organising the trip, I can advise on passports and visas and I deliver all the documents they need,” she adds.

Read about the latest travel deals

If you’re not sure where to go for your next holiday, you could become inspired when you read TravelManagers quarterly magazine, called Inspired. Or you can sign up to Michelle’s e-newsletter from her website here and this way you’ll get to know what special offers are available.

For more information about talking with Michelle, you can call her on 0418 415 939

Or email her at michelle.schulze@travelmanagers.com.au