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A restaurant chef; part of your new ‘normal’ retirement.

Posted on June 24, 2020

Human connection. It’s the one, core human need we’ve all grown up with yet, it’s the one fact of life we haven’t paid a lot of attention to. Coming out of self-isolation and social distancing, however, we’re realising that being able to be close to and interacting with people is what we’ve missed most.

At the height of ‘quarantining’ it was senior Australians who felt that even more acutely. Not only in some cases Home Carers were unable to continue their regular visits, but families were making fewer visits as well.

Beauty Point Retirement Resort offers retirees a new ‘normal’ lifestyle where residents get a new lease on life, living within a close-knit community, and in contact with friends and neighbours on a daily basis.

Village Manager Lisa Papahristos says visitors pick up on this at Beauty Point, the moment they first see it.

“You’re living in a lovely unit, close to an array of resort features and facilities,” Lisa exclaims. “If there’s one resort feature that brings everyone together, it’s our lovely restaurant and marvellous Chef, Peter.”

Peter’s lunch and dinner menus are enjoyed by Beauty Point’s village community on a daily basis and, when you add the Beauty Point bar and professional baristas, residents and visiting family guests have a drawcard that creates a real community hub.

“This is why our residents are so happy here, “ Lisa enthuses. “Everyone chats with their neighbours. Our staff check in with them by phone, too. That human connection has always been a big focus at Beauty Point. It’s even bigger now!”

Lisa said that Beauty Point also gives residents a new ‘normal’ home view. “The spectacular vistas perched above the Georges River and the gum tress of the surrounding national park always have our visiting friends and family raving.”

To learn more contact Lisa on 8708 4700 and discover a new ‘normal’ retirement resort lifestyle, at Beauty Point.