Why BP makes financial sense

Why moving to Beauty Point makes good financial sense!

Posted on April 05, 2019

Once you retire, the most important daily consideration to take into account is budget. Unless you are still working part-time, then retirement means you are stuck on a fixed income.

So while prices are free to keep rising (and do) the amount you can spend on necessities rarely, if ever, increases.

So you may be interested to know why moving to Beauty Point Retirement Resort can often make better financial sense than staying in your own home.

There are no hidden costs at Beauty Point, because at Beauty Point, you are in control. All budgets are controlled by the elected Resident’s Committee.

By law, the Resident’s Fund must be operated on a strictly not-for-profit basis so essential services supplied by this fund are done so at cost. And the monthly levy that supplies the fund is capped to the official CPI, and for the levy to rise above the CPI, it must be approved by the Resident’s Committee.

If you’re not paying a huge profit margin on things like meals and health services, this means big savings in the long term. Beauty Point’s Ross Symonds explains.

“Think about everything you spend annually while living in your current home: there’s home maintenance, plumbing, food, entertainment, gardening, cleaning, hot water, heating, council rates, insurance, gas, water rates, health care, security and transport,” Ross says.

All this can add up to thousands every year – and that’s if nothing goes wrong!

Costs, like rates and electricity bills, have just gone up by as much as 30 per cent over the last 12 months alone, and they are set for more big rises in coming years.

Compare how much you are paying annually in household expenses now, to how much you can save by moving to Beauty Point. The monthly levy ensures you get many essential services free and other services at cost price. We also offer economies of scale and can negotiate cheaper prices for essential services like gas and electricity.

Beauty Point Retirement Village’s free bus serviceFor example, our bus is totally free to use, and our chauffeured limousine is half the price of a regular taxi. So now, a trip to the airport needn’t break the bank.

Similarly, our handyman service for fixing things like hot water systems, plumbing and general home maintenance is free!

Our gym, pool and private cinema are free to use for you and the entire family. As is the Internet Café, the activities room, the BBQ, spa, boardroom, concierge, gardeners, library and chapel. Combine this with our subsidised concert series featuring world-renowned entertainers, and you will save hundreds a year on entertainment alone.

Our trained health professionals are on site 24 hours a day, seven days week and are totally free! Our on-site doctor’s surgery is a bulk-billing surgery and our visiting specialists are far more affordable.

You can see how these savings can add up to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every year. Add to this the expenses you will no longer need to pay, like council rates, water rates, building insurance, gardening and gardening supplies and home maintenance.

When you think about it, moving to Beauty Point just makes good financial sense!