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Why Our 24-Hour Carer Service Brings Peace of Mind

Posted on April 27, 2020

When you live at Beauty Point Retirement Resort, you’re able to stay active and independent but at the same time have peace of mind because of the village’s excellent health services, especially the 24-hour Carer Service.

At any time of the day, any day of the week, Beauty Point residents can press one of the call buttons in their apartment or in other areas of the village, and a carer will attend to them within minutes.

When Lynne Gall, a resident of the Beauty Point Retirement Resort for the past 12 years, chose to retire here, one of the key points she loved about the resort was the fact she knew there is a Carer available to help, 24 hours a day.

“I’ve been to other retirement villages and I’ve seen notices saying: ‘Ring this number after hours’ whereas here, if anything happens you can get help so quickly,” says Lynne.

Lynne admits she has hit the call button in her room accidentally in the middle of the night and the carer on duty came straight over: She said there was no need to apologise, she was just glad there was nothing wrong.

“The fact that we have this service here helped me decide to move to Beauty Point,” she adds.

24-hour Carer Call Buttons in Many Locations

The 24-hour Carer Call buttons are in many locations to make it easier to access them. This way, if someone has a fall or feels unwell, there is a button near to them and they should be able to reach it to get help.

Lynne says: “In my unit there is one button near my bed, two in the bathroom (one by the toilet and one hanging in the shower), another by the spare toilet as well as the master unit by the main door.

“For the living room area, I have my pendant hanging where I can get it if I need to. There are buttons around the resort as well, in the lifts, the pool, the gym, the auditorium etc,” she adds.

Helpful When Recovering from Surgery

The 24-Hour Carer Service becomes even more important if you or someone close to you is recovering from surgery of any kind. Often when people first come home from hospital – even day surgery – they are supposed to have someone staying with them.

Lynne has found in the past that hospitals were happy to let her come home to Beauty Point with the Beauty Point Carer nominated as her personal carer following surgery.

A Great Service Which Gives You a Feeling of Security

Robin Brook has lived at Beauty Point Retirement Resort for the past 15 months and she says she appreciates the fact she can call a carer to her room to help her at any time.

“I prefer to have people coming to my unit as I’m finding it hard to get around now. I’ve had a couple of falls and it’s nice to know I’ve got those buttons to press if I need to,” Robin adds. “I have one in the shower, one in the bathroom and I wear the pendant.”

Robin says it gives her a feeling of security and especially at night, it’s handy to have the pendant around her neck: “I’ve had a stroke and because of that, I’m always being careful. I’m nearly 84 so it gave me a bit of a fright,” she adds.

One of the Village Carers will come and Assess the Situation

Robin had a fall recently as well and she says when she pressed the 24-hour call button, Natalie came and helped her straight away.

“Natalie’s lovely - and she came in a couple of minutes,” says Robin. “She was very, very helpful. She took my temperature and my blood pressure and all those things they do. After that, she said I was quite OK and that I was fine to just rest up a bit.”

Robin says it was a relief she didn’t have to go to the hospital but if she hadn’t been able to call for help, she wouldn’t have known.

“I probably would have raced off to hospital and wasted all that time. This 24-hour Carer Service makes you feel safe. It’s such a good system,” she adds.

Lynne says this factor gives her peace of mind as well: “It’s so good that they can come and assess whether I need to go to hospital or not. It’s a really nice service and all of us who live here know all of the carers who could be on duty at any time, so we know it’ll be a familiar face who comes if we have to press the button – that’s the important thing.”

If you have any questions about Beauty Point Retirement Village’s 24-hour Carer Service, contact us at the reception desk or call us on (02) 8708 4700.