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Beauty Point community’s ‘Messages to the World’.

Posted on April 30, 2020

It began with an Easter wish and gift from our thoughtful team, where we also asked our lovely Beauty Point retirement community to tell us what words they would say and what wisdom they could share, as if they were sending out ‘Messages to the World’.

As you’re about to discover… we were overwhelmed by a flood of love, encouragement, truths and resilience. It’s too special not to share. We encourage you to enjoy each of these comforting and spirited thoughts and that you get the same beautiful value from it that we did. We invite you to enjoy it, too.

Enjoy Beauty Point’s ‘Messages to the World’.

Easter is God’s blessing to the World. It is his way of telling us that love and hope still exists in this world. Now, at this challenging time we need it more than ever. May we all be safe and have a blessed Easter.


A Prayer in Lockdown

Ever present God

Be with us in our isolation

Be close to us in our distancing,

Be healing in our sickness,

Be joy in our sadness,

Be light in our darkness,

Be wisdom in our confusion,

Be all that is familiar when all is unfamiliar,

That when the doors reopen,

We may, with the zeal of Pentecost

Inhabit our communities

And speak of your goodness

To an emerging world

For Jesus sake,



We will get through this. Things will be different, but our faith will be stronger. Jesus said “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the Age” (Matt 28:20) and as Paul taught us (Romans 8:39) “Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Jesus Christ, our Lord”.


“Attitude” should be “Gratitude”.

Betty and John

Live each day as if it were your last… And one day you will be right.


Being more isolated than usual has given time to reflect, time to reassess priorities in life, as well as time to appreciate our surroundings.


Have Hope.
Love one another, help one another and stay positive.
We’ll get through this – we are resilient – we are pragmatic – we are strong
And there is light at the end of the tunnel.
We’ll come out of this better for what we have been through.


Not Everything is Cancelled

The sun is not cancelled

Spring is not cancelled

Relationships are not cancelled

Love is not cancelled

Reading is not cancelled

Devotion is not cancelled

Music is not cancelled

Imagination is not cancelled

Kindness is not cancelled

Conversation is not cancelled

Hope is not cancelled.


Love One Another.


When you are already in the best company,

It doesn’t matter except to stay alive.


“This is my simple religion

There is no need for temples

No need for complicated philosophies

My brain and my heart are my temples

My philosophy is kindness.”

Dalai Lama


At home here at Beauty Point, we can all look around at the beautiful garden and river setting. Maybe, when this COVID-19 event is solved and the world moves on, we will have learnt to appreciate our beautiful world even more – not just our gardens, mountains, rivers and beaches but the fact that there will, hopefully, be less pollution and perhaps people will have learnt to enjoy life’s simple pleasures of family and friends, of caring for others and of taking things a little more slowly, time to realise how fortunate we are.

Marian and Arthur

The Clock of Life

The clock of life is wound but once

And no man has the power to tell just when the hands will stop

At late or early hour, Now is the only time you own.

Live, love and toil with a will

Place no faith in tomorrow

For the clock may then be still.

Mick and Val

Keep smiling, look forward to the future when COVID-19 will be conquered, and a vaccine discovered.


They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world:

Someone to love

Something to do

Something to hope for


YESTERDAY: is PAST and gone with fondest memories to call upon.

TODAY: is the PRESENT (or gift) to love and care for each other.

TOMORROW: is the FUTURE – the road may be rough, no doubt we’ll discover; but with courage and strength we are sure to recover.


Having been through a few hardships in my life, I won’t mention them but a friend gave me the “Stress Diet” which I would like to share.


1 Grapefruit

1 slice of whole meal toast

1 cup skim milk


Small portion steamed chicken

1 cup spinach

Herbal tea

1 Tim Tam

Afternoon Tea

Rest of the Tim Tams

Tub Rocky Road ice cream with chocolate topping


4 bottles red wine

2 loaves garlic bread

Family size pizza

3 Snicker bars

Late Night Snack

Whole Frozen Sara Lee

Cheesecake eaten directly from the freezer


I have loved hymns since I was a child. My first ambition in life which I achieved, was to play them, and I’ve played them ever since, first on the piano and later the organ, and happily sang them. I find them inspiring, joyful, soothing and comforting – both words and music.

One of my special favourites is “The Day Thou Gavest Lord, is Ended” where it is five verses and the writer tells that as the sun sets on one side of the world, “the voice of prayer is never silent, nor dies the strain of praise away”.

I find it pretty amazing that in nooks and crannies, continents and islands, people are lifting their voices in continuous prayer and praise all over the world, to their God.


Be very grateful you live in Australia.


Consider why we celebrate Easter and do a good deed for someone. It will help both them and you. Spread the love.


Thank you for the kind words to all of us at Beauty Point. Yes, we do miss being able to give our dear families… Blessings none of us have contracted this awful virus. Looking forward to the day when we can go out again. I have a wonderful family who I love dearly and could not have been able to move into Beauty Point without their love and help. Hope my family and everyone at Beauty Point stay in good health and stay safe.


The Serenity Prayer

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”


As the Queen said, “Easter is still going to happen.” In spite of this dreadful virus which has raised its ugly head throughout the world.

Celebrations have had to cease, but the real celebration still takes place with the meaning of Good Friday and the celebration of Easter Sunday.

For those of us who have faith in this true meaning of Easter, we will always have something truly amazing to celebrate. Extending to everyone, God’s gift of love, joy and peace, shown in “His” Amazing Grace to us all.


In going through the trials, we now face, does this unwelcome interlude provide the opportunity for us to look deeply into our lives? For most people, the hustle and bustle has been put behind them; suddenly we have to think of something new to replace the life we once had.

Health is now paramount in our thoughts.

For some people, their business or work place has ended either temporarily or forever; but for others their life of going to work and earning a living has abruptly stopped and they must depend, for the first time in their lives, on receiving government funds to continue to live, to pay their mortgage, to pay their rent, to pay for their food, to pay for their electricity, their gas, their numerous other expenses. Their independence has been taken away.

How do you cope?

Do we take a new path when it is time? Is it likely that a new path will even be available to us in the future? How will we be able to pay for the huge outlays that have been made in Australia and will continue to be made? So much to think about. So many insurmountable problems.


Hope springs eternal


Thank you for your heartfelt Easter blessings. Peter and I feel so grateful and blessed to be living at Beauty Point during this very unsettled period in our World.

We appreciate being able to walk in our beautiful and peaceful gardens every day and all the love, kindness and caring shown to us by all the management, staff and friends at Beauty Point.

Doreen and Peter

My thoughts are with people who are in a worse position that me.

God Bless everybody.

I would like to thank the staff at Beauty Point.


On this Easter Day I want to let you know how much I’m missing seeing you after all our regular get-together at either choir or Bible Study or Church services.

I do pray this time of restrictions is giving you opportunity to catch up on some things you’ve been putting off, to call someone you haven’t spoken with for a while and to enjoy sometimes of contemplation.

Knowing that Jesus is alive gives us confidence in His control over life and death. We too will return to normal living and enjoy singing together again.


What will be, will be.

Back many years, I attended a launching of a new timber boat built in a boat shed at Narooma. The owner was so proud of his new boat. The shed was decked out for a party, balloons, music, food and drinks. Champagne was smashed on the stem and the boat started down the slipway, jamming halfway. As the propeller was in the water, the diesel engine was started and placed in reverse. This did not help. The boat was stuck. So, we partied, no stress or anger – just calmness from the owner. His attitude so impressed me and guided me all my life and no doubt help me stay calm in many situations including the Corona Virus Restrictions.

“Oh!!” the name of the boat, “Que Sera Sera”. Maybe there is a calming moment we can all draw on in these changing times. Mine was sixty years ago!


I read this message from Hand Karma Sayings.

“I am not impressed by money, social status or job title.

I am impressed by the way someone treats other human beings!”

I think we try extremely hard at Beauty Point Resort.

Don and Sue

Thanks for the Easter Blessing.

While browsing through our family favourites recipe book I found

Recipe for Happiness Year-Round Fruit Cake

2 cups of Love

1 cup of kindness

1 pound of joy

1 pound of peace

1 box meekness

1 cup friendliness

4 tspns gentleness

1 box of faith

1 pound of patience.

Mix all together and bake in oven of forgiveness. Cool on the table of understanding.


Be kind to each other and be true to yourself.


Just think! If there never had been calamities or dangers of any kind, no one would ever have had need to show bravery or endurance.

In a funny sort of way, perhaps we can be pleased this world catastrophe gives us the chance to show our courage and power to endure.

We will stand together, help each other whenever we can, and be proven to be people who are strong and resilient. We are “all in this together”.

John and Dorothy

Thanks, Dear Lisa and George for your bunny etc.

Dear Father in Heaven, we at Beauty Point know that we are your children. We want to serve you faithfully. Help us to listen to your voice and help us to be willing and quick to do your bidding. Help us to thank you all the time for your gifts through Jesus Christ and in loving all those around us. And in loving them, we serve you through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Easter blessings and best health and happiness to all of us at Beauty Point 2020!


Our thoughts at Easter time turn to the bible verse, John 3:16.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”.

Cynthia and Bruce

Smile a while, and while you smile, others smile.

And soon there’s miles and miles of smiles

Just because “you smile”.

Joy and Bob